Dec 13, 2016
Leading the My Brother's Keeper: San Jose efforts are co-chairs Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose; Norberto Duenas, San Jose City Manager; and Emmett Carson, CEO and President of SVCF. Gina Dalma It has been almost two years since SVCF –... Read More
Dec 12, 2016
SVCF is pleased to announce that Misti Sangani has been named as Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s new chief donor experience and engagement officer. In this role, Misti is responsible for leading SVCF’s world-class donor services program, which enables donors to deepen their... Read More
Dec 12, 2016
A common theme I heard throughout 2016 at various corporate citizenship conferences is that Business has a compelling mission to serve as a powerful force for good around the world. From responding to global humanitarian and ecological crises, to creating 21st century jobs for vulnerable... Read More
Dec 08, 2016
Yahoo has been in the news a lot lately. The growing uncertainty about the future of Yahoo is something that Yahoo employees across the globe are grappling with on a daily basis. For the most part, people are keeping their heads down, doing good work and hoping for the best but while on the... Read More
Dec 06, 2016
Manuel Santamaria Since 2009, one of SVCF’s highest institutional priorities has been helping thousands of immigrants in our region to gain access to citizenship and legal services, and to better economic opportunities through English language... Read More
Dec 05, 2016
According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, in the beginning of year 2016, there was a shortage of $3.5 billion in funding available for the provision of even basic services for refugees. The Syrian refugee crisis, in particular, stayed at the center of many conferences and conversations... Read More
Dec 05, 2016
Over the past seven years, Silicon Valley Community Foundation has funded $6.5 million through our economic security grantmaking to support low- and moderate-income families throughout Silicon Valley. In particular, these grants have supported organizations that help consumers who are most in need... Read More
Dec 02, 2016
As we discussed in Part One of this Blog Series, it’s important to share a clear vision of your CSR programming with your executive stakeholders. In this post we will discuss the importance of taking a pragmatic approach as well. It is equally important to be clear, detailed, and factual... Read More
Nov 30, 2016
The San Francisco Bay wetlands restoration measure -- otherwise known as Measure AA on the June 7 ballot -- was the first California ballot proposition to be put to voters in a multicounty region rather than being decided statewide or in one county or community. Measure AA was a parcel-tax... Read More
Nov 27, 2016
Silicon Valley has 8,000 low-income 3- and 4-year olds who qualify for state subsidized early education programs, but there's no public funding available to serve them, says Avo Makdessian, vice president and director of SVCF's Center for Early Learning. So the center has started a campaign... Read More